Want a Career in Tech? 
An average senior developer in the UK earns £48,000 per annum. 

Our full-time 10 weeks intensive technology bootcamp can make this happen. 

Date and time

Introduction Evenings 

7.30 PM  - Thursday 19th April 

Holiday Inn, Bond St, Bristol BS1 3LE


Bristol, UK

We've trained people that work for...

This is 10 weeks of full time intensive classroom-based training covering all the key skills explicitly requested by our partner employers.

This is NOT an academic course.

You will learn current industry best practices, skills and tools that will prepare you for a professional role as an enterprise software developer.

You will be taught technologies such as Linux, SQL, cloud computing, Java or C#, Web technologies including JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and then also some of the important soft skills that technologists require.

Methodologies are also covered including Agile and Scrum, Test Driven and Behaviour Driven Development.

Next BootCamp starts in September 2018

About Bristol BootCamp

Intensive technology Bootcamp. Delivered by industry experts

Attend the Free Introduction Workshop Evening

This Bootcamp is a big commitment, so to help you decide if it is for you, we want to invite you to attend our FREE introduction evening.

During the workshop you'll learn: 

  • why tech is changing everything and the opportunities it creates for you.
  • why you don't need a degree in maths, science or engineering to be become a good software engineer.
  • the different kinds of careers and fields in technology that you can go for.
  • the basic requirement you need to have a new career in tech - ability to learn and think.
  • how the bootcamp will help you get your first foot on the ladder.
  • the key commitments you will need to make this happen.
  • the structure and schedule of the Bootcamp and what you will learn.
  • the partner companies that are looking to employ from the Bootcamp.
  • meet the programme leaders ask any questions you may have about the Bootcamp.

Nick has been teaching professional software developers since 1997. He has also cofounded multiple businesses including which was a Bristol based food delivery business.

Nick is also a BBC academy instructor, and travels globally teaching the graduate training programs for the large investment banks. In addition, he is an accredited AWS Instructor for the Amazon official curriculum.

Meet the Programme Lead

Nick Todd

Some of your questions...answered.

How can I know if I am suitable for this?

Are you interested in IT and computers, or working with people around computers? Do you think logically. There are many roles in the industry including software development, support, testing, business analysis that you are suitable for. It is not just about programming, although our initial program will be focused on programming. We will interview you to assess your suitability in any case before you are accepted into the program.

What are the pre-requisites for attending the Bootcamp?

To attend the program, you will have to be motivated and be prepared to work hard and study hard. If you just want an easy way to a good salary, then this is not for you. We don't look for exam grades as we have seen some fantastic students with poor exams actually do really well, so that is not what we look for. What we do look for is someone who is intelligent, and personable. Working in technology these days is a team business most of the time, and we will be looking for people who can work in a team.

Will I get a job at the end of it?

We will be working with Bristol and some national employers to get you placed. Obviously, it is in our interests as well as yours to ensure you get a great job out of this. We are anticipating that some employers might even offer to pay some of your fees if you successfully complete a probation period with them. Having said all that, you will need to make an effort to get a job. We can help, but ultimately the employer will be employing you not us!

Do I need a computer?

We will provide you with a fully configured powerful computer in the cloud. All you need is a basic laptop or computer in order to connect to it. We can provide you with a machine at a small cost if you need one.

Where will the training be held?

The Bootcamp will be at Bristol City Centre. So it will be accessible from public transport within Bristol. 

How long and how much will it cost?

The Bootcamp is an intensive full-time program for 10 weeks. The tuition fee is £7995.

Find out more: Attend our introduction evening in Bristol

An average senior developer in the UK earns £48,000. That could be you in a couple of years!