FitPoints: The great way to earn rewards

We like to reward your loyalty so we introduced FitPoints!

FitPoints are a great way to save money on purchasing your Bootcamp sessions and any items in our Shop. 

For every pound you spend booking sessions or treating yourself to Bootcamp merchandise you will be rewarded with FitPoints. Check our Refer a Friend programme which gives you the opportunity to earn a generous amount of points. 

The number of FitPoints you are allocated per pound spent will depend on how many FitPoints you have saved up in your account.

Are you a FitPoint Star, Pro or Boss?

Star: 0-2999 FitPoints you’ll receive 1 FitPoint per pound spent.
Pro: 3000-5999 FitPoints you’ll receive 2 FitPoints per pound spent.
Boss: 6000+ FitPoints you’ll receive 3 FitPoints per pound spent.

Please note FitPoints cannot be redeemed for a cash equivalent and and can only be used to purchase items in the website shop or used to purchase classes.

Join Bristol Bootcamp and earn Fitpoints